About us


Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) is a professional representative body of Nepalese journalists working in Nepal and abroad. More than 10,000 journalists working in all areas of modern media- print, electronic and online- are affiliated in this federation. The head office of FNJ is located at Media Village, Tilganga Kathmandu, Nepal.

FNJ, formerly known as Nepal Journalists Association was established in 1956 . In1995 it was renamed Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ). FNJ is an umbrella organization of Nepalese journalists. It works to promote the freedom of press and expression. Furthermore, it has been promoting and working for the professional and physical security of journalists and skill development of Nepalese journalists. FNJ is a member of International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX).

FNJ UK was set up as a branch of Federation of Nepali Journalists in the year 2010. Till date, it has seventy Nepalese journalists working in different media organisations in the UK as its members.

  • To establish and provide a common platform  for Nepali journalists and member of other media groups carrying different perspectives and ideas.
  • To build a space to gain joint voice on issues pertaining to national interest, identification of challenges  and solutions faced by journalists.
  • To take active part in journalistic and media industry to achieve a common goal for the fourth estate.
  • To give a global perspective to Journalists and helping it to maintain and compete with the international journalistic pressures.
  • To build capacity of new and practicing journalists to develop sharper journalistic skills through various activities.
  • To liaise with the Government on behalf of the members of the society on matters concerning to the general interest of the fourth estate.
  • To provide space for learning to all the members through exposures in regard to the  latest trends and scope in the changing media scenario.
  • To affiliate, co-operate or associate with various  local or provincial associations or society  to promote the objectives of the society .